“The Akbar Peerbhoy Girls Polytechnic” owes its existence to the munificence of Mr. Akbar Peerbhoy Bar-at-law, a prominent educationist and philanthropist who bequeathed a large sum of money to the Anjuman-i-Islam for girls Institute. He strongly believed in the education of women to make them self-supporting. The “The Akbar Peerbhoy Girls Polytechnic” fulfils his lifelong wish of providing vocational training in various fields to fit young girls for independent careers. It has been universally recognized that the need of the day is to provide short and practical courses which would equip the girls for various jobs. The courses offered are not only job-oriented but will also provide opportunities for personality development and development of the natural talents and creative abilities of the students. The Polytechnic is open to all, irrespective of community, caste or creed. The present courses are geared to provide young women with the necessary skills to enable them to run their own homes more efficiently. These courses are provided to make the students self-reliant and self employed. The courses are job-oriented to enable the students to make a living if so desired and consequently make a success of their lives in this fast-moving world. We hope, in time we shall be able to provide other new courses to enable our young women to effectively seek and succeed in, challenging competitive jobs which modern times require. There will necessarily be a certain amount of flexibility about the courses and curriculum.